National President Message

Jc Rakhi Jain

National President, JCI India

Dear JCI Leaders,


It has been righty Said: “For any Organisation Alumni is not only the history it is the most valuable asset”. Hence for JCI India our Alumni is not only history but the most valuable asset.

As National President of JCI India, I honoured that JCI India is launching the JCI INDIA SENIOR MEMBERS ASSOCIATION which is certainly going to be a great achievement in the history of JCI India. My Special compliments to our JCI India Family head PNP S Ravi Shankar Sir and JCI India Alumni Committee Chairman PNP R Sunil Kumar Sir and members of committee for their visionary initiative by launching this website.

Alumni website will certainly help in connecting the wonderful leaders of yester years as JCI India has produced many great Jaycees from different walks of life who went to create their own brand across the length and breadth of JCI India and this is the right forum and right platform to connect with everyone who had given their valuable services to JCI India in different capacities.

When the world is moving at very faster and quicker speed especially in terms of technology and digitalization, then this platform will certainly help us in getting the details of history of all the past active members of this Alumni association, it will help us in cherishing those nostalgic moments of yesteryears by going through the photographs and it will help in knowing the committee members who would implementing the projects and programs at National level. It will also be a connecting platform between the past and present.

I am really excited that with strong vision of Team 2021, we have moved forward and materialised this SENIOR MEMBERS ASSOCIATION as it will give great opportunity to each and every member of JCI India to know, to interact and to understand in depth the contribution of our yester year leaders in making what JCI India is today.

Let us together build strong and formative Alumni group across JCI India and let us bring everyone at one platform so that we can cherish and celebrate those wonderful moments together.

Wishing everyone all the very best in the success of Alumni forum.

Let us all continue in this journey of ONE FUTURE